Belgian Shepherd TERVUEREN - Puppies with pedigree FCI

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Beautiful boys with FCI pedigree from foreign mating in France. Puppies have very beautiful body and great character. Ready to new homes immediately, raised in family in Czech Republic, near Brno, excellent socialization, wholeday care, vaccinated, dewormed , microchipped , with pet- passport, e ... yes ok , written contract and equipment for start in new family Siblings at breeders and owners in the Czech Republic , PL , Slovenia, Belgium and the UK. Father: New Blood for PL, CZ, SK..., tall and strong dog with rich red color and a large mask, perfect calm temperament , friendly, balanced, fanatical retriever, no reaction to the shooting, HD A ( in pedigree many ancestors with IPO3 , Agility 3 , Ring ... ) . Mother : own breeding , one of the most successful females of history of the Czech Republic , selection of three countries , including France , Multi Champion , InterChampion , BIS Club show, winner of the Nationale d'Elevage France and at the World Exhibition FMBB , very talented in herding , in less than a year of training ZVOP (herding instinct test) , HWT Ts . , IHT1 (these tests have also her sister and her niece ), HD A, ED 0/0, SA 0, eyes OK (regularly), strong female of beautiful exterior, black eyes, full mask, very friendly, hardworking, excellent defense, fanatical retriever. More infos hana@zkovarny.com, www.zkovarny.com, +420608870565

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